Welcome to Thirty Years of 54-40!

Here we celebrate the legacy of one of Canada’s all-time favourite bands. 

Featuring an unbelievable catalogue of hit songs including Baby Ran, She La, Casual Viewin’, One Gun, Ocean Pearl, Love You All, Music Man, I Go Blind, One Day In Your Life, Assoholic, Radio Luv Song, Baby Have Some Faith, Miss You, Blame Your Parents, Easy to Love, Crossing a Canyon, Since When, Nice to Luv You, and Lies to Me.

54-40 is: Neil Osborne, Brad Merritt, Matt Johnson & Dave Genn. Inspired by the punk/new music scene of Vancouver, BC, 54-40 first performed at the dawn of 1981. After 30 years, 16 releases and more than 2000 performances, the secret to 54-40′s longevity is their ability to redefine and reinvent themselves – taking longtime 54-40 fans on a thrill ride, and continually picking up new young fans along the way.

Be sure to click through our completely revamped website which now integrates social media and where we invite you to ask questions to the band directly.  A new feature we are especially proud of is the Lost & Found Archive. Keep your eye on this page of the site which celebrates the band´s legacy by offering up hundreds of never-before-seen photos, videos and previously unreleased tracks.

Please enjoy and come back often!